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Samax / Sep 29, 2013
So today we found out that our server provider has to shut down our server due to the electricity bills at his home. We want to thank the players who stayed loyal and are providing downloads of the survival world.



For the time being Dawn of Empires will be stopped. Its a shame we never was able to provide Mira to the public, however a good friend group was made from this. I would like the thank all the staff even those who were fired or had to leave.

Although I am going to keep this site up. So please feel free to talk on forums and make any suggestion so we could still use the website for forum use or different projects.

From All the Staff
Thank you for the support and help and sorry for no Mira

Samax / Sep 15, 2013
Well at the moment we are having many staffing issues. Also getting Mira up is going to take further time. We apologies, however with IRL work and so much to do we are all rather busy and in our spare time just want to enjoy ourselves.

So we are going to be making Dawn of Empires a section of 'Outside the Box' a gaming group. We want to create a place that everyone can talk and have fun. So make sure to keep an eye out for use.

So please look at our new page for 'Outside the Box' news.
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The Essentials Package!

Help keep the server up with a small donation for $1.50 and get some Goodies.

Rei's MiniMap

Suggested Mod for Dawn of Empires


Welcome to the Dawn of Empires Website
Welcome to the Dawn of Empires Website
Welcome to the Dawn of Empires. We are here to provide a Minecraft community server for you the user to enjoy. We are providing four unique world maps. The lush lands of ‘Mira’ will provide you with a high quality painted world for role-play (coming in near future). We provide ‘Vanilla’ Minecraft survival map with moderation and plugins to provide the best service. Last but not least is the ‘World Spring’ this is our spawn world where you can travel between each world.

To be able to build you will need to sign up to our site, however this server 100% free for players unless they want to donate. However to apply to play in Mira you will need to make an application on our forum. So please apply on this board and use this example to help create your application. Once you have done this make a “/ticket” on the server and wait for a staff member to evaluate your application to promote to member or miran.

Server Ip:
Teamspeak Ip:
Server Rules
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Note: Our server is up 24/7, however a small server restart every 5 hours to control any possible lag when a admin is not around. If you can’t connect to server Ip then connect to the direct Ip.

Vote us at:

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